Implementing engineering designs designated for hangars and warehouses
in a professional manner based on the client 's future vision for his project,
while developing models for planning and executing projects in a
professional and distinctive manner and using economic ideas, while
executing the works in a short time according to the agreement, and
delivering the project complete within the agreed upon period.


Providing all maintenance services, restoring collapsed and fallen places
or cracked and damaged places on floors, ceilings and walls inside or
outside hangars and warehouses and restoring them new and usable again.




The company has all the necessary equipment to help complete all the
work. The equipment includes cranes for lifting transport vehicles, iron
hooks, concrete mixers, protection sheets, skilled workers, in addition to
engineers specialized in the field of metal construction.

Best Prices

Our service prices are compatible with the quality of work and final results,
as we take great care to provide appropriate services with high quality and
integrated equipment at competitive prices compared to most other
contracting companies, and this makes us an excellent choice for most


to the company


SNC Lahreche Company is an A Igerian contracting company specialized in
the field of installing hangars, warehouses and all blacksmithing and metal
construction works in Algeria.
We have been working in Algeria for decades, during which we have built and
established many construction and metal projects specialized in the field of
blacksmithing with extensive experience, as we have specialists and technical
experts in all of the manufacturing, construction, maintenance and restoration
works, in a professional manner that is compatible with the client 's goals.
Therefore, we are considered a company SNC Lahreche is an ide.

Our values and principles

Integrity in work, transparency and clarity in implementation, and honesty and
honesty in dealing.
Respecting the law and its spirit, adhering to contracts and covenants, and
meeting the requests of valued customers.
All of these are values and principles that we adhere to while carrying out all the
work entrusted to us.


A giant surface area of ​​80,000 M² semi-detached

Complex structure 

A very short deadline was met